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Eliminate your home invaders

What Pests May be Invading Your Home and How to Prevent and Eliminate Them

If you have recently relocated to Arizona or are planning a move in the near future, it is not uncommon to want to be aware of the household pests you may encounter in your new home. Because of the amount of potentially dangerous insects and other pests residing in the Southwest, awareness may help to keep your pets, family and home safer. Here are a few of the ones which you should be the most concerned with eradicating.

The Bark Scorpion

Known as the most venomous scorpion in North America, the Bark Scorpion is found throughout Arizona. The stingĀ of this creature can cause convulsions and shortness of breath. It is not unusual for these pests to venture into homes to escape the heat of the sun. To reduce the risk of scorpions in the home it is important to close up any openings, keep hiding spots like wood piles or rocks away from your house and regularly have your property treated by a pest control service. Similir procautions to take to prevent a termite problem. at the first sign of either one of these creatures be sure to contact your local termite control specialists.

Poisonous Spiders

There are more than one type of poisonous spider skittering about in Arizona. The state is home to both the black widcdc_photo_of_black_widow_spiderow and the brown recluse. Both release a dangerous amount of toxin in their bites that can be deadly. To prevent these spiders from moving in, keep all screens, windows and doors secure, keep your home tidy and vacuum regularly. Anything stored away should only be done so in tightly sealed containers. Pest control services do offer specific treatments to target spiders, so an exterminator may be needed if you discover any of these critters in your home.

Rats and Mice

Many people are concerned with rodents because of the potential for them spreading the Hantavirus. While thiil_570xN.374531980_r4gvs is a real possibility, it is not the only disease these creatures can transmit. There are as many as 35 diseases which can be spread by rats and mice, so any sign of them in your home should be taken seriously. Keeping them away from your home will mean keeping everything clean, having all food sources safely stored away and ensuring that the outside of your home is as clean as the inside. If any signs of these pests are seen, contact a pest control service immediately. Because they are able to breed quickly, one rodent can become dozens in as little as a few weeks.

No one can prevent their home from ever becoming the residence of some type of pest, but there are ways to reduce the risk to everyone in your home. One of the easiest ways is to hire a pest control service to perform regular inspections and to treat the area to destroy whatever pests may already be in the home and deter anything attempting to come inside.